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How to participate?

The charts of Dr. Why make the matches of Dr.Why "endless" and cancel the physical distance between players around Italy. To be in the charts of Dr.Why you only have to ask for the Creatura in one of the over 400 pubs where you can find Dr. Why once a week.

The Creatura is a card which allows you above all to see the name of your team every night on the screen of Dr.Why in every pub in Italy you go to play. After the match, the scores you collected in the pub will be processed through an algorithm which makes a parameter with your results and calculates and validates your web points on your team account .

You can so compare your results with those of other players in the same pub, region and all Italy in the current season! Moreover with the historical chart you can see in the course of time if you can reach or overcome the legendary teams which made the history of Dr.Why.

With the card Creatura, you can also take part to the competitions organized by the Staff Creativa and by Agencies and be timely informed of all the initiatives of Dr. Why and Creativa, the company that created and shared the Dr.Why in Italy and abroad.

So, don't lose other time! Dr.Why is waiting for you!

Ask for the card Creatura next time you play a match and come back soon on these pages to see all your game statistics and compare them with the whole Community!!