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For business

Meeting, Conferences, Team Building

Born to entertain every kind of audience, Dr.Why is also suitable for particular events as parties or celebrations, mainly conventions, Team Buildings and every kind of corporate meetings and it gives to clients, employers or guests the chance to live the emotion of TV quiz and to compete with others in public situations as a road show or remaining sitted on their own place in a conference hall and playing by their own, or on a table with tablemates and so forming a team.

Our software can be used both as a game , in the case in which competition and entertainment are the engine of the show in which the winners achieve the price that the organizer raffled and a software to make tests, in the case in which the organizer want to test in real-time the aknowledges of the public on one ore more specific subjects.

In both cases the challenge will be exciting starting from the first question because teams or players will be fighting togheter and with their knowings, against time which runs and against the other challengers.

Together with the questions of general culture, you can decide to use some customized questions which are linked to the hosting company, to products, or to the event in which our software is used. So you can customize and better contextualize the game. Our software allows many changes, so you can manage different functions as:

Enter your own questions
Enter pictures and audio/video contents
Customize the graphic
Personalize the push botton panels
Statistic processing for every single question
Give names to players

Personalized graphics

Obviously our programm has been created to be perfectly adapted to the client's needs. Here you find some samples of screen shots of presentation of the event Dr. Why for some companies with which we gladly cooperated.

Personalization of push botton panels

If the client wants, Creativa, can personalize on demand the push button panel with the brand of the client and the templates of the event.

Real-time statistics

Dr. Why was created mainly for recreational reasons and to be used for a wider selection of educational, statistic and comparative applications. In fact, a linked software has been developped which allows the client to see and to have in realtime the quiz results in a digital form (a pen drive with a file in excel format) and/or after the event the copy of distribution of participants' answers. Today Dr. Why can be used in fact, to all intents and purposes, as a test programm in realtime of the effective acknowledges about specific topics, it is very useful in the case in which the company board wants to check the effective achievement of its own communication towards a public. The game files will be then elaborated and sent on demand to the client in a xlsx or pdf format.