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Team building
Team Building is an useful training instrument in the business world.

The staff is trained and instructed through the game, in this way the spirit of membership is strengthened and the work empathy is improved.

The goals which are reached in the game also influence the work daily life, beacuse they stimulate harmony and understanding between collegues of the same field, who start knowing each other and having better relationships.

In this field Creativa supports the training activity with an instrument, which is useful to realize particular objectives of team building activities.

Thanks to our system of interactive game, we can realize a funny entertainment which has also a statistic and scientific relevance and adapt the product to the single need of each client.

We can in fact personalize both the graphic aspect and the contents of game, insert textual, music, video or photographic questions which are given by the client.

The long experience and the competence of our staff allow us to fulfil all requests, also the most particular ones, of the demanding world of business training.
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